We care a lot about our clients. We are very lucky to have so many excellent people that we have worked with over the years who believe they have benefitted a lot from our services.

Here are some stories from them they would like to share. 




Janet was an amazing trainer. When I decided to join the police I was completely unprepared for the physical aspect of the recruitment process. I could barely do 10 push ups let alone 34 and was not even close to running 2.4 kms. 


We had weekly sessions that not only made me accountable for my progress, but motivated me to continually improve. She was fantastic at making sure I did not stray from my goals and helped me to break many of my bad old habits. I would aways look forward to my session each week as they were never the same and I always left feeling I had accomplished something. Even if it was hard to walk sometimes!


Most importantly however, Janet managed to make my training fun.


Through Janet’s guidance and motivation I am not only ready to attend my Assessment day with full confidence, but I am now able to sustain my fitness and push it even further. I would highly recommend Janet to help you achieve what you want out of your own fitness goals.

"[Janet] was fantastic at making sure I did not stray from my goals and helped me to break many of my bad old habits."



It all started as a bit of a midlife crisis with my 40th birthday looming large.  I had already entered the Queenstown 10k and was building up my distances very gradually to avoid aggravating a long standing achilles tendon problem.  But I wanted to do something more significant to mark my 40th year. A marathon maybe, but I don't like road running.  A bit of googling and I found it.  The Routeburn Classic. 32km over the Routeburn track.  So an idea formed, a ridiculous, unrealistic idea that maybe I could do it in 2016. Over 18 months to work up to it. And besides, I would get over the idea in a week or two.

And then I made a terrible mistake.  I shared my flight of fantasy with Janet.  She didn't laugh. She didn't tell me to look for a more realistic target. In fact, she told me that if I was prepared to put consistent effort in I could do it in 2015, just 8 months away.  We agreed that we would talk about it properly when my 10k was done.  And that was it, that niggly idea wouldn't go away.  Janet clearly had faith in my abilities and she hadn't seen my wrong so far.

So I did my 10k race, in torrential rain. (Which turned out to be an omen). Then we sat down for coffee to talk about the realities of the race and the training. With a young family and a full time job, I could only train 4 times per week. Janet was happy that with the right focussed training that would be okay as my aim was just to finish.  I didn't want all of the gory details of my training in one go.... Far too scary... But she did explain that in my peak training weeks I would be doing around 6 hours on my weekend runs, and 2 hours for at least one of my weekday interval sessions. A serious conversation with my husband followed, and we were committed.

So the training began.  Monday morning run outside increasing in distance to 10k.  Wednesday morning treadmill intervals of varying types and duration.  Thursday PT session for strength, stability and conditioning - Core stability and ankle strength is particularly important for this type of terrain.  Then weekends were long and hilly, starting at about 12k but working up to 28k plus.  Most of these were mountain runs with as much hill (up and down) and technical terrain as I could find.  These were also a great opportunity to test equipment and nutrition, as well as mental toughness on some of the epics... Snow, shoes lost in mud, getting lost and mataguari bushes to name a few challenges.

Janet was there for me through the ups and downs.  Reminding me to rest was I was on a high, and spurring me on when the training was all getting a bit much and I doubted my ability.

The end of March came, time to taper, and I felt strong and prepared. It occurred to me that I had been quite lucky and most of my training had been done in fine weather. Then i saw the forecast. The closer raceday got the worse the forecast got. Raceday came. Helicopters were grounded. Gale force winds and driving rain abounded.  But this was the Routeburn classic, and after all mother nature is what puts the adventure in adventure racing.  The supposedly spectacular scenery was hidden in the fog.

The race was amazing and surprisingly enjoyable despite having to grab onto the waymarker to avoid being blown off in one section.  I nearly cried with joy when I passed through the first checkpoint within the cutoff time, something that had worried me right through my training.  The uphills were easier than I expected, but the downhills were far more technical and unrelenting than I had expected despite all the warnings, but my training served me well and I felt strong, mentally and physically, for the whole race. 

Afterwards I felt an immense sense of achievement, and yes, I did wear my medal for several days afterwards!

"Janet was there for me through the ups and downs. Reminding me to rest was I was on a high, and spurring me on when the training was all getting a bit much and I doubted my ability."

a life changing marathon


After supporting a close friend to do the 2016 Lake Wanaka Half Ironman (1.9km swim, 90km bike and 21.1km run)I was so inspired I decided then and there I was going to take part the following year. The first day the entries came online I signed up (before I could talk myself out of it!!) This gave me almost a year to prepare.

I was a 39 year old, overweight Mother of two with a stressful part-time job and a busy family life. I was reasonably fit, but knew I would need to do a lot of work to prepare for such a long multi-sport event. I had never even run a half marathon before, and the longest triathlon I’d ever done was 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run! 

First off I decided to enter the Dunedin Half Marathon run. I followed their training programme and focussed solely on my running. As the date drew nearer I realised just how much work I still had to do for both events. I realised I needed support from someone who knew exactly what was required and that the best person to do that would be Janet Cox.  Janet had been my personal trainer for several years up until the birth of my now 6 year old son. I contacted Janet and asked her to write me a training programme, which she did. I also started seeing her for fortnightly PT sessions. 

The Dunedin Half Marathon came around. I completed it, but was not happy with my performance or my time. I started to have doubts in myself, but Janet never doubted me and helped me to get back on track. I carried on my training, building up my distances and intensity. I really struggled to fit in longer training activities around my other commitments – my family commitments (sporty 9y.o and 6y.o kids and a workaholic husband) and my 12 hour shifts. My morale got so low and I finally broke down during a PT session with Janet. Janet listened to me and helped me re-frame my thoughts; she had absolute faith in my ability to do this, so why didn’t I? She re-jigged my programme and helped me get back on track.

At 3 months out from race day I finally began to see myself finishing and how it would feel. The time became less important to me and I knew I could and I WOULD FINISH! I did some events in the lead up; some results were better than other, but I took something positive from every event. 

I went through to Wanaka 4 days before the event. The atmosphere was amazing. I got out on my bike with Janet and also swam the course. I was so unbelievably nervous the day before, especially after the Race Briefing. I could barely talk, let alone eat and drink. Sleep was virtually impossible! On race day I was eerily calm with barely any nerves. Race day was perfect – no wind, warm and sunny. The swim went better than I could have hoped and the bike section was stunning (yes, I even took time to enjoy the scenery!)  The run has always been my worst part. I had a wee cry when I set off – I don’t know why, but it didn’t last long and I kept going through it. I managed to run for 7km and then I was speed walking for the remainder. I managed to start running again as I came into Wanaka township and the atmosphere on that final 500m was unbelievable. My 9 year old daughter ran out to me and grabbed my hand and we ran the remainder together with her running over the finish line with me. It was so much better than I had imagined and so was my finishing time! I had done something truly amazing and I know I couldn’t have done it without Janet.

I’m sorry for having written such a long story. In short, I suppose what I really wanted to say was that you can achieve anything as long as you have the determination and self-belief to do it (or when you have Janet Cox in your corner backing you until you do have the self-belief and determination)


So, what’s your dream? Tell Janet and she’ll help you make it a reality ☺

"My morale got so low and I finally broke down during a PT session with Janet. Janet listened to me and helped me re-frame my thoughts; she had absolute faith in my ability to do this, so why didn’t I? She re-jigged my programme and helped me get back on track."