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Fit for Life

private studio

Level 3, 2 Dowling Street, dunedin


"The studio is a fantastic place to work out. First of all, it's quiet. I get distracted by a lot of noise and when I have been to gyms, the first thing I notice is how loud it is - and I hate being subjected to someone else's musical taste! Secondly, I really feel like when I am there, the focus is completely on me. Janet gives me all the attention and there's no room to slack off or get distracted by something going on nearby (expect for when there was a beautiful double rainbow outside and Janet and I took 2 minutes to appreciate it!). And thirdly, I love the privacy. I think I work harder and really try more when the entire environment is just me and Janet. No one to impress, no one to be embarrassed for, and when I fail at something, there's no one to cast eyes on me. 

I also feel like, because I pay for each session in the private studio rather than a gym membership, every time I come, I come because I want to - not because I have to in order to justify a membership fee. To me, that means I am far more accountable to really give every session my all, because every session is an investment in me. 


The studio is like a little haven, where I can come in and concentrate on giving it all I've got, without anyone else around. It is very well equiped - in the dozen of sessions I have had with Janet I have never done the same workout twice. And the walk up to the second level is the perfect warm up!"


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