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Kathryn Wigley

I was introduced to Janet by my mother who has been training with Janet for several years. At the time I was training for a half marathon using a generic program I had found in a magazine. I was having issues with overtraining and my knee was starting to give me trouble as the program had not been designed specifically for me. Janet’s advice helped me get through my first half marathon. After this experience I decided I wanted to improve my half marathon time and asked Janet to make a personalised program to help me achieve this goal. With Janet’s help I was able to complete the Buller half marathon in my target time of under two hours (1.55.17). Not only did I achieve my goal but I knocked 8 minutes of my previous half marathon time. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Janet is a great trainer, she is inspiring and motivating and was often just a text or phone call away if I needed any help or advice. I really like her philosophy of quality over quantity. She made me realise the importance of working hard and doing things properly to get optimal results.

 What I really liked about Janet’s program was how varied it was. One day I would be doing weights in the gym, the next running up hills, doing my personalised core programme, intervals or out for a long run. It was a lot of fun. I also had 2 personal training sessions with Janet to go through my strength workouts (I would have gone more often if I lived in Dunedin). These sessions were great and Janet was able to show me the correct techniques and motivate me to work hard.

I would definitely recommend Janet as a trainer and I know I will be using her again to help me achieve my next fitness goal.

Kathryn Wigley



I have been coming to Janet for personal training sessions for quite a few years now.  I started off with getting her to make me up a personalised programme, which I then did by myself for a couple of months, supplemented by a fortnightly session with Janet.  This worked well, as Janet’s programmes are varied and targeted towards her client’s goals.

However, for the past few years I have been coming to see Janet weekly, and this has worked out even better.  As you probably know, as you get fitter, you need to vary your workouts more to keep them effective –to stop the body becoming complacent.  This can be hard work, trying to think of different routines, and pushing yourself.  It’s very easy to slack off.  My solution is to schedule a weekly session with Janet, and let her do all the hard work of thinking and planning what the workout is going to include.  All I have to do is turn up, and I can be assured she will (patiently) coax me to do exercises that extend me.  I am often surprised at what I can achieve under her expert guidance.

I’m no athlete, but am keen to maintain a good level of fitness, keep at a healthy weight, and have energy to do all that I enjoy, and Janet plays a huge role in helping me attain and maintain those goals.  As a personal trainer she’s awesome.



Fliss, Team Leader Bonus Bonds Centre

I have been training with Janet for about 3 years.  Wow! how time flies when you are having fun! That’s exactly what we do have during each session.  That’s not to say that Janet doesn’t work me hard but when you have a laugh it doesn’t seem that bad.IMG_0483

When I first started I was very conscious about my weight and what I was capable of.  Janet listened to me and put me at ease, got me to think about goals and what I wanted to achieve and we have been going from there ever since.

There is never a dull moment as Janet never runs out of fun and exciting exercises and programmes to challenge me and help me achieve my goals.  I have come from an unhappy overweight person to being an active person who is comfortable with how I look and feel.  It’s been hard work but it’s been worth it, especially being able to shop for smaller sized clothes.



Katy Campbell

I first met Janet through participating in the Run Squad early in 2009.  I have been training with her ever since and look forward to my session every week!  I have seen my fitness and strength improve greatly and attribute this to Janet’s encouragement and support which is ever present.  Her workout plans are so achievable and the results motivating.  I never thought I would learn to enjoy squats and lunges – but with Janet anything is possible!!


Chris – Business Owner

As a result or my Life Coaching with Jan, I have changed my outlook on life.  I had always been a ‘worrier’ and worried over every possible outcome and eventuality of life.  I have agonised over decisions for fear of making a mistake.  After working with Jan I look at life differently.  I no longer fear the future, what life might throw at me and I take things as they come.  With Jan’s help I’ve discovered what’s truly important to me and what I truly value and want from life.


Michelle Bailey

Janet Cox is one amazing trainer!!

I decided that joining the police was the thing I wanted to do in life, after going to the information meeting and deciding that my current trainer just didn’t have it, I was recommended Janet.  My whole life changed from that moment!

Janet understands what is required and what the police tester is expecting, she prepares you not only physically but mentally also.  She will push you to your limit and beyond but you always know that you are in safe hands and she would never make you do something she knew you weren’t physically capable of doing.  I always left each session with a sense of accomplishment and knowing I was one step closer to my dream.

You know with Janet that she is always there for any questions or extra help you may need, she has your back 110% the whole way through, if you’re ready to get serious this is the person for you!!


Ann, Civil Servant

I first met Janet in 2005 when I had booked to do the Rail Trail with an organised group and realised that I would not be able to cope.  A friend suggested I contact Janet and she trained me and built up my cycling confidence and fitness and 6 months later I completed it.IMG_0432

I have continued to train with Janet and as my goals have changed the training has changed.  It is not only centered in the gym, I have run up and down the sand hills at St Clair beach, the Dowling Street steps and the 8 flights of stairs at work.

She has encouraged me with weight loss and I have lost 40kg over the past 15 months.  She has also written me a training programme and I have completed a 10km race (not bad for 54 years).  Janet gives you the confidence to set goals and the training to achieve them.

Since I met Janet my life has changed for the better. I have a weekly exercise programme, including a weekly bike ride with friends where we cycle about 35km.  I am running (my new goal is a half marathon), have 2 personal training sessions and workout in the gym.  I am eating good healthy food and have a new smart wardrobe. I have changed my whole lifestyle.

Janet inspires you to do things you never thought possible.  She assumes you can do things, so you just do it.  She works on the whole person not just body fitness.  She has the knack of knowing what you are capable of and you end up surprising yourself with your achievements.  The world really is your oyster.



Casey, Student

Life coaching with Jan was fabulous.  She is supportive, never makes judgements and I felt really comfortable talking to her.  I had ideas on where I wanted to go with study and my career and she always encouraged me. Being 18 I felt a bit of pressure to know exactly what I wanted to do.  There are no boundaries with Jan.  I was sort of thinking about something but was not sure if I could or would do it, she gave me tools and tips to help me get there.  She also asked me simple but important questions that made me think about what I actually wanted to do and why.  I am now just about to complete my university degree in subjects that I am really passionate about and am really excited about the future and embarking on my career.  Anyone thinking about Life Coaching with Jan should give it a go, you never know where it may lead!


Shelley, NZ Police

I approached Janet to be my personal trainer with the intention of joining the New Zealand Police Force.  The first time I met Janet I was relatively unfit and hadn’t done any serious training before.  Right from the beginning she was extremely helpful and made a plan on how long it would take for me to be up to the required fitness levels needed to pass the physical tests.

Janet’s knowledge is incredible, and I felt extremely confident that her programmes were specific enough for what I wanted to achieve.  Her programmes were varied and interesting and she knew just how hard to push me each session.  Janet’s support throughout my training was fantastic and she was always available for anything else I needed or wanted to know.  She is a brilliant motivator and I found myself increasingly excited about my new found strength and energy.

It was not without Janet’s enthusiasm and belief in me that I passed all the physical requirements for the police.

I recommend Janet as a trainer whether you are training for a specific event or just to increase your fitness.  Her knowledge and commitment to personal training is outstanding.


Laura Mcelhone 

I have been training with Janet since mid 2009 to improve my general health and fitness.  I continued to train right up until a couple of weeks before my daughter, Emily, was born in February 2011 and Janet helped me adjust my workouts as my pregnancy progressed.  I knew I wanted to get back to training as soon as possible after Emily was born to avoid getting into bad habits.

After a C-section with complications and almost 3 weeks in hospital I was in pretty bad shape and my first attempt to leave the house saw me struggling to walk to the first lamp post from the end of my drive but each day it got a little bit easier and I was surprised how quickly I was able to push the buggy around the block and start thinking about getting back to training again.  I am sure that keeping up my training into late pregnancy was key to recovering so quickly.

After I was cleared to exercise again at 6 weeks, I started back training with Janet.  I had gained about 10kg during pregnancy and lost the first couple of kilos quite quickly once I started to train again.

However, after a few weeks, I could feel things started to stagnate and I needed an extra punch of motivation to get my eating and exercise properly on track.  So I announced to Janet that I had entered the Krank off-road duathlon in Hanmer Springs in October and asked if she could put together a training plan for me.  So that was my mission … a 5k off road run and 12k mountain bike.  I wasn’t worried about time, I just wanted to finish… and if I wasn’t last then that would be a bonus.  It was only at that point that I suddenly realised that I couldn’t actually run 1k without stopping for a breather, let alone 5k with enough left in the tank to get on a bike afterwards. Oh yes, and I had to fit my training around looking after a young baby and avoid aggravating a long standing ankle problem.

However, Janet assured me that 15 weeks I had was plenty of time to get into good enough shape to complete it.

And so it began… we talked about what time I was able to commit to training and Janet put together a day by day plan that allowed me to train with Emily in tow (or more likely being pushed up a large hill) on the days when I didn’t have childcare.  Actually, pushing a baby up a large hill is the ideal incremental training.  As you get fitter, the baby gets heavier.

I was given the plan in 5 week chunks so I couldn’t get too frightened at what was to come. Each week when we met for my personal training session we would talk about how things were going, as well as working on strength and stability.  Janet always found a great balance between telling me how well I was going, whilst also just making me think I could push just a little bit harder.  I would email her after each of my training sessions to let her know how I had gone, and if it all went quiet for a little while she would check in with some encouraging words and make sure I was okay.

She also helped with that rather delicate subject of nutrition – an area that has long been a challenge for me. Focusing on training for an event rather than simply trying to lose weight certainly made a huge difference. Whenever I wanted to eat bad food I simply thought about how much harder the run was going to be carrying so much extra weight.  And it was great to finally be able to answer Janet’s gentle inquiry of  ‘Soooo…. how’s the nutrition going?’ with ‘Really great thanks’, rather than mumbling something about ‘too busy’, ‘wasn’t feeling good’ or similar under my breath and hurriedly changing the subject.

As I went through my training and reached the point where I started to feel like I could do it and realised that although I was a slow runner my biking was respectable, I started to set myself other goals and went into the race wanting to finish in under 1 hr 30 mins, not be last on the run and overtake some people on the bike.

So, I took the 15 weeks day by day, training session by training session… and the results speak for themselves…

I started the race 13kg lighter than when I returned to training post-pregnancy, went into transition with 1 person still behind me, and overtook 6 people on the bike. And I finished in 1.21.36 – well within my target time.

I am extremely grateful to Janet for her ongoing support and encouragement, as well as giving me a swift kick up the bum when that was what was needed. Her training plan has kept me just at that point of pushing hard enough to improve without getting injured or demoralised that it was beyond me. She has showed me that I am capable of much more than I thought if I just put the work in.

Next week we start the training for a triathlon… hell, why not!


Maggie Hanton, Diabetes Nurse Educator

Jan is the Life Coach for the Diabetes Prevention Course I run.  She is such a positive person. She has excellent skills as a motivator and her warm and inclusive style has produced great results with my patients.


Bridget, Executive

I began training with Janet as a way of cementing some badly needed “me” time into my life. Like many women, I had spent many years concerned with meeting the demands of family and employment and consequently felt I had little time for exercise.

Exercise had become the lowest ranked task on my list of priorities and as a result I did not feel I achieved any real benefits when I did manage a workout.  After watching Janet work with other clients I made the decision to schedule a personal training session with her.  From the very first session I began to feel challenged and excited by exercise again. I looked forward to our weekly sessions and Janet made me feel more confident about my physical ability.

With Janet planning my training schedule I am now assured of achieving real results with each workout. I have become less concerned with the number of times I make it to the gym and more focused on scheduling quality training sessions that fit with my busy lifestyle. Janet’s focus on providing her clients with knowledge that they can utilise when training alone is, in my view, one of the most useful aspects of her service. Whereas I once viewed personal training as a luxury, my experience with Janet means that personal training sessions have become an enjoyable necessity for me!    Brigit M


Sonia Hand

Hi. My name is Sonia Hand and I’ve been a gym member for several years now.  I am currently almost 38 weeks pregnant with my second child.  Janet Cox has been my personal trainer throughout my pregnancy and I have just had my last pre-natal session with her this week.

It has been important to me to try to maintain my fitness during this pregnancy; last time I reduced then stopped my exercise programme early on and suffered as a result. I put on a large amount of excess weight and lost a lot of my conditioning. I also seemed to suffer from respiratory problems and general fatigue during, and after, my pregnancy.

This time things have been completely different. Even though I have been working part-time and mother to a very lively toddler I have had far more energy, have slept better, my general health has been good and I’ve not suffered any respiratory problems. Best of all is that I know my improved fitness will help the birth and recovery go more smoothly.

Janet has carefully tailored my personal training sessions to my goals, my capabilities (I’m no gym bunny!) and to my stage of pregnancy. She has always made my training sessions fun, through her sense of humour and through the wide variety of exercises used.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dynamic and motivational trainer.

I look forward to returning to the gym and working with Janet again after the birth.


Jayne Bretherton, NZ Police

I cannot recommend Janet Cox as a personal trainer more!!  I had been going to the gym and having sessions with other personal trainers with the goal of joining the police but I had never quite got there.  As soon as I started training with Janet she understood me and developed a running program for me that incorporated different aspects, terrains and intensities so that I never got bored or complacent and consequently I started to achieve my goals and watched my 2.4km running time come down until I nailed it in under 11 minutes!!

Her weights sessions were always challenging, fun and diverse; she helped me build up my strength and enabled me to pass all the fitness tests comfortably.

Nothing was ever a problem, she would even come down to the Cali on cold Saturday mornings at ungodly hours and time my laps around the track!!

She taught me about nutrition and the importance of the correct techniques, so even after successfully joining the police I have been able to self manage my fitness and she is always made herself available for further advice.

Her dedication, knowledge and passion are second to none and I really can’t thank her or recommend her enough.

If you want to join the Police and need an extra push to get up to standard, call Janet and make it happen.

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