Your 2014 Goals: on track or trashed?

Your 2014 Goals: on track or trashed?

We’re well into 2014. I know the “old folks” used to tell me the years went faster as you got older. Now I understand! Does that make me one of the “old folks?!”.

So, how are your New Years resolutions going? A good percentage of us will have forgotten or heaved the things we declared we’d stick to!

Why?? Well, we often choose goals that aren’t really authentic, goals that don’t ring true for us. We set goals that we think we should, goals that others think would be good for us. That is a recipe for failure. We might consciously commit to them but subconsciously our brain tells us this is not something we really want. That subconscious is a really powerful force, it’s better to work with it than against it.

Here are the Fit for Life “ABC top tips for setting goals” (or “intentions” personally I prefer to set intentions than goals, they don’t seem so scary and filled with obligation)

A – Authentic

B – Believe

C – Commit

Authentic – set goals/intentions that really reflect you and what you want to achieve. Know your personal life values and match your goals up in line with them. That way you’re more likely to succeed.

Believe – you have to believe you can reach your desired outcome. If you don’t your subconscious will be doing its thing telling you your going to fail, you can’t do it – and guess what it’s right. It helps to break goals down into smaller time specific steps. Lots of thought out small steps = an achievable and believable goal.

Commit – commit to taking specific ACTION to achieve your desired outcome! Commit to making an effort. All the talk in the world won’t get your goal sorted, doing something about it will!

It’s useful to have people around you who support you and your goals. Avoid the nay sayers, you don’t need them. Life can be challenging enough without them pulling you down.

Be flexible, is the action you’re taking moving you closer to your outcome?? If not then adjust your actions so it does.

Do one thing a day (at least) that moves you in the direction you want to head.

Remember a lot of little steps in the right direction will get you where you want to go.

Take charge of your life!

Coach Jan


Are there things you’d like to achieve but haven’t realised yet? perhaps you have goals in mind but you are not sure where to start?

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