Jan Aitken is a Life Coach and catalyst for change.   IMG_0646-nobg-lensflare 500

Or, to put it plainly, she gets your life back on track.


  • Are there things you’d like to achieve but haven’t realised yet?

  • Are you frustrated with your current career/personal situation?

  • Are you happy with your accomplishments to date, or do you want more?

  • What is your personal vision for your future?

  • Do you want more energy, satisfaction, confidence?

  • Do you want to be and feel stronger, more in control, more fulfilled?

  • Do you ever think “there must be more to life than this?”


If any of these comments ring true for you and you’re prepared to make time to work on you, to try new ways of doing things and new ways of thinking, if you’re prepared to be honest with yourself and with me – then life coaching is just what you are looking for to help propel you forward and live the life you imagine!




Life coaching is a proactive way of making changes in your life and building a strong foundation to base that life  IMG_0658-no-bg-blue-skyon. It’s all about you.

Coaching is about making changes in your life. Maybe you want more of something – fun, time to relax, confidence? Maybe you want less of something – stress, feeling obligated, saying “should” all the time.

Perhaps you want to identify what is really important to you, your values, your goals, the “authentic” you and orient your life around these important things?

My role – I bring the skills and tools to work with you to achieve what you want to achieve. I’ll help you build a sound personal foundation, encourage you, challenge you and give you feedback along the way. Coaching can be fun too, it’s not all hard work!

Your role – You bring your commitment, an open mind and your sense of humour and together we’ll get you onto a new path and heading in the direction you want to head. It’s as simple as that.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, coaching can help to get you where you want to be.

Life Coaching sessions are about talking! Discussing ideas, concepts, gaining clarity about things in your life, enjoying a laugh and setting things for you to work on between sessions.

Yes, that’s about taking action. All the talking in the world won’t change things, it has to be matched with doing! When you take action, that’s when you start to see the results.

It can be exciting and scary – but I’m here to unconditionally support you through these changes, so you’re not alone. I will support you, I won’t judge you. All of our work together will be treated in confidence, your privacy is assured.

Life coaching sessions are 60mins. IMG_0663-nobg-blue-sky small

They can be face to face, over the phone or by Skype.  So distance is not an excuse for you not reaching your potential!

There are no set rules, it’s tailored individually to suit your needs -we will work out a plan together.

Usually I work with clients twice a month to get them started and then if they choose this can be relaxed back to once a month at a later stage.  Some clients work with me for a set period of time, others do a block of several months and then check in from time to time after this.

I’m not here to lock you into a rigid system or set number of sessions.  Coaching has to work for you and I’m here to work with you to help you achieve the things in life that are important to you.

If you’re ready to make changes and set your life on a new and rewarding path – call me for a complimentary session and lets see if coaching is right for you!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Seminars for groups & workplaces can be tailored to suit individual workplace or group needs. These seminars  uplift and inspire and are focused on topics according to your requirements, including:

Inspiration at work

Achieving work/life balance

Gratitude and motivation

How to make changes that stick

Building a rock solid personal foundation

Setting achievable goals

Looking after yourself & healthy living

Half day and bite size programs available.  If you’re interested in finding out more, contact me now to discuss your professional development needs.

“Don’t lose one more dollar, invest in your staff and invest in your business”


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