Forces Training

Whether you are training for the Police, Fire Service, Army, Navy or Airforce you are     going to need to be in peak  physical condition to be able to pass the physical entrance requirments and also be able to maintain that fitness as you progress through the recruitment process.

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Each branch of the forces has a specific list of guidelines for physical fitness. The minimum scores for each physical fitness test are used to determine if the candidate is capable of performing job requirements in the line of duty.

Passing the tests indicate that you have the adequate amounts of physical, emotional and mental stamina.

Whether you are starting from scratch or you just need help on a specific element of the fitness test, I am here to train you to the fitness level that is required & beyond so you can be better than the best and give you the greatest chance of success.

After an initial consultation which can be in person if you live in Dunedin , via phone or skype, I work with you and tailor you a training programme specific to your fitness requirements.

This will include training and exercises specific for the field that you are training for with ongoing motivation and support.

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