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I offer all my clients a free initial consultation first. This allows us to meet each other and come up with a plan.

Let me understand your situation and your goals.  Whether it be weight loss, increasing fitness, training for an event or something else.  As your coach I want to help you become fitter, stronger, healthier, happier and reach your fitness goals.

The consultation can be done one on one in the Dunedin area or over skype/email or phone.  No matter where in the world you are, if you are just starting your fitness journey or you want to improve your fitness get in touch and we can have a chat about what will work best for you.

Contact Janet

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One on one personal training


Tailored to you, your goals and your abilities

For anyone living in the greater Dunedin area

I can train adults, teens and school kids

Sessions will be varied, interesting and fun

I will motivate, support and encourage you

Sessions are 45 minutes

If your not sure where to start or just want to be personally trained at the Fit For Life private studio, your place, the park , the beach or the gym then get in touch.

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Welcome to the Fit For Life Personal Training Studio. A quiet and private space dedicated to you, where you can work towards achieving your personal health and fitness goals under the guidance and supervision of your personal trainer Janet copy

A major advantage a Personal Training studio has over a gym is that they are free from crowds and clutter, offering a relaxing and quiet space to train in, without people disrupting your routine.

We understand that often this is the only time you can spare in your busy day to focus on yourself and your goals, so it makes the world of difference to be in an environment that allows you to ‘escape’, a hectic lifestyle or stressful job. It also helps not worrying about what others are thinking or feeling pressured to move because others are waiting.

Having your very own personal trainer at your disposal, dedicated to monitoring and motivating you to ensure you are doing what you say you will and are comfortable with your programme, means you’re much more likely to get results. Statistics show one of the main causes for people dropping out of mainstream gyms is that they lose focus, direction and ultimately stop seeing progress.

At the Fit For Life Personal Training Studio you only pay for each time you enter the studio, not for those weeks where you are on holidays or didn’t have time to train because of other commitments. Also having your personal trainer to take you through your workouts every time you come into the studio means you have constant professional guidance, reducing the risk of injury and the time it takes you to attain the results you are after.

We offer all of our clients a free initial consultation, this allows us to meet and come up with a plan.

We offer free parking, toilet facilities and a changing room so you can enjoy some privacy. We also have an outdoor space for training for when the sun is shining or you feel like an outdoor workout, this is also in a private and quiet area.

When you are in our studio, it is all about you! We provide you with a hassle and stress free experience. Contact us today so that you can experience the difference yourself.

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Have you got 2 or more people who want to workout together? Maybe a bunch of workmates or just your weekend warriors wanting something a bit different. IMG_0559

Group training may be the answer for you

Training in a group is fun and rewarding.  Inspire each other and keep yourselves accountable

Sessions are time efficent and high energy

I can do group training for adults, kids and teens.  Training can be at the Fit For Life private studio, your place, the gym, the beach or the park

Sessions can be 45 or 60 minutes

Get in touch

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Personal programme design is where I create a programme specific to you.

Let me understand your situation and your goals.  Whether it be weight loss, increasing fitness, training for an event or something else, I can design you a programme specifically aimed at achieving your goals.

It involves an initial consult and this can be done in person, phone or via skype.  On going support and encouragement from me.

The programmes will take into account what you enjoy doing, your available time to train and family/work commitments.

This is perfect for those that are motivated but just need the right guidance to get results.

There is also an option for those of you in Dunedin to incorporate one on one personal training sessions into your programme. This is a great way to keep you on track, motivated and in check.

For programme length and pricing please get in touch

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The training programme and training partnership are integral parts of athletic  spokes-wshadeimprovement and a great deal of knowledge is required to create a progressive, well-structured training plan.  We all have different strengths and weaknesses and a training plan should be tailored to address these, improve fitness and prepare you to race to the best of your ability.

Whether you’re looking to complete your first duathlon or triathlon, want to run a half or full marathon, participate in multisport, endurance events or have Ironman aspirations, I can help you train with the assistance of a personlised training plan, support, advice and motivation to prepare you and get you to the start line in your best possible shape.

I have been training clients and myself for a number of years and know what is  involved and how to train successfully to complete and compete in these types of events.

I offer both personalised training programmes as well as personal coaching.  On going support, encouragement and motivation.

Training programmes are tailored specifically to you, your life situation and individual goals.

If you are just starting out or you are a competitive age grouper get in touch and lets have a chat about your situation and let me help you achieve your goals.

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