Hi my name is Jan Aitken, I am a qualified Life Coach with over 8 years experience. Jan Car Finished

I trained at the coaching school CoachU completing the Advanced Coach Training Programme . I am an active learner and believe that on-going training will help me maintain the highest standards possible for my client’s benefit.

Before I became a Life Coach, I spent 25 years working as a Registered Nurse and I noticed that people’s attitudes and outlooks had a huge impact on their health and quality of life.

I decided to make use of my observations and become a Life Coach, helping people create a life they love to live – a healthier, happier, dream-fulfilling life.

Whatever stage you are at in your life, Life Coaching can help you to Live the Life You Imagine.

I coach a range of people from their 20’s just finding their feet to baby boomers stepping out into a new phase in their lives.

I am a regular at the gym, a keen skier and avid reader. I also enjoy catching up with friends over a glass of wine and good food. “Life is to be enjoyed, it’s about creating your own balance and having fun, this is really important to me.”


  • 25+ years as a Registered Nurse (surgical, research, staff development and operating theatre)

  • 7 years as a CoachU-trained life coach running a successful coaching practice in one-on-one and small group coaching

  • Life Coach and motivator for Mornington Health Clinic Diabetes Prevention programme

  • Life Coach and motivator for Sport Otago Green Prescription programme

  • Life Coach for “Paths” clients rehabilitating back into the workforce (Ministry of Social Development programme)

  • Workshop, seminar presenter and speaker  – specialising in Attitude, Motivation, Healthy Living and Self Care for Ryman Health

  • Perioperative Nurses Conference

  • Otago University School of Physiotherapy Guest Lecturer

  • Otago University School of Physiotherapy Diabetes Programme


  • Sharon Jones says:
    February 18, 2017 at 6:13 pm

    Hi Jan,
    I would like to book a session each for my two children. Sam is 18 in her second year at university but not sure about a career although she has a friend starting nursing and is thinking about this.
    Nic is 23 working in IT but wants to live a rich mans life on a poor mans income, Both are great kids and have enormous potential but seem a bit unsure. I can say they seem happy which I am grateful for. Anyway I think it would be a great opportunity to see a life coach and explore things.
    They are both open to coming and seeing you for an initial conversation. I have no idea if they will want to continue or not however I am happy to pay to give them a go!

    When you get back to me I will give you their contact details.

    Thanks for you time Jan

    Kind regards


  • Pam Bardsley says:
    April 2, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    Hello Jan
    I am interested in coming to see you to try and find out about what I value. How do I make an appointment?


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