The Fit for Life Coaching System

Jan developed ICE PACC as a simple 7 step coaching system designed to help you achieve the maximum benefits from coaching in the shortest time possible. It’s clear, straightforward to use and can be applied to any area of your life


I = Identify any challenges or areas in your life where you’d like to make changes


C = Create a vision of what you do want, how you would like things to be. Use your identified challenges as a “contrast” to help you create the picture you want.


E = Explore the challenges/areas for change one by one with your coach. We’ll look at beliefs, your life values, your needs and wants and much more. Build a strong personal foundation to move forward.


P = Plan ways to make changes that will stick. This is an important step. Most of us spend more time planning a two week holiday than the other 50 weeks of the year!


A = Action, all the planning in the world will go to waste if you don’t move forward and take action! That’s the key to making coaching work, taking action.


C = Consider and review your actions. Did you achieve the changes you wanted to?

Is there anything that needs to be fine tuned? If so, we’ll work out what it is and plan new actions to take and consider.


When you’ve achieved the changes you have wanted to make don’t forget to


C = Celebrate! It takes time, thought, action and courage to change things in our lives.

We’d congratulate a friend on achieving something, so how about acknowledging the work we’ve done and congratulate yourself.


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