If you decide to apply for a job with the New Zealand Defence Force, you will need to go through a series physical army navy airforcefitness tests before you reach the end of the process.

Throughout the Defence Force, physical fitness is important and needs to be maintained at a high level. You need to be fit to do your job well and you need the energy reserves to respond to any emergency situations. This doesn’t just mean being physically strong, it means you need all round total fitness.  I’ll help you achieve it.



As your Personal Trainer my aim is to support, motivate and train you to get physically and mentally prepared. I believe in training you to meet the minimum fitness level that is required and beyond, to get you to be “better than the best” and give you the greatest chance of passing the tests.


I specialise in

Strength and Endurance

Training for the Beep Test

Specific training for the correct execution of sit ups, press ups and pull ups


Training Options

Personalised training programmes

1:1 personal training sessions, at the gym, your home, or outside (if you are in the greater Dunedin area) sessions are 45mins

Phone, email or skype support and motivation


It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, the initial consultation can be in person, via phone or skype.

So if your goal is to join the Army, Navy or Airforce, whether you are starting from scratch or you just need to work on a particular physical requirement get in touch with me and let’s get you there.


You can find out about the fitness requirements here:




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